Providing Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Safe Disposal to Protect Our Community’s Health and the Bay

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Capital Improvement Projects

Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District continually maintains and upgrades its sewer system to assure top-quality service at the lowest possible cost. We strive always to protect the environment and comply with ever-more strict regulations.

Construction projects undertaken by the District include on-going yearly maintenance and long-range capital improvements.

Ten Year Infrastructure Renewal Program (CIP)

Following an extensive evaluation of District operations and infrastructure, in 2010 the District adopted a comprehensive financial and 4-year sewer rate plan to provide revenue for needed pipeline collection system and treatment plant renewal and upgrades. The work included a 10-year capital improvement plan (CIP) through 2020/21 which identified $53 million of needed sewer infrastructure improvements.

To date, approximately $14 million of CIP improvements have been completed. Of the remaining $39 million, approximately $33 million is programmed for the treatment plant and $6 million for sewer collection projects. At the conclusion of the current 10-year capital improvement program, new expenditures on capital improvements are expected to drop significantly, while the financing of current projects will span over the next 20 to 30 years.

In 2013, the District completed another extensive financial and sewer rate analysis. Out of this work, the District has adopted a 5-year sewer rate plan to ensure adequate revenue is available to support the District’s operation and 10-year CIP through completion.

The links to the left describe the status of the District’s major infrastructure renewal projects.