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Sausalito Marin City Sanitary District

Providing Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Safe Disposal to Protect Our Community’s Health and the Bay

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Capital Improvement Projects

Projects that have been recently completed include the following:


Beach Force Main And Gravity Sewer Inspection Project.

This $420,000 project was completed by Nor-Cal Pipeline Services in 2016. The old District Beach Force Main line was replaced with a land based force main line in 1999. The land based force main line now conveys all wastewater from the District’s Main Street Sewer Pump Station to the wastewater treatment facility. The Beach Force Main line has remained active and continues to serve approximately 19 single family residences in the City of Sausalito since there is no alternative sewer service location. The project included cleaning and video inspecting the beach force main line as well as an existing gravity sewer which is also routed along the beach. Construction took place in the tide zone which limited access and created challenges in installing pipe fittings to provide access for cleaning and inspection. The condition assessment showed that these sewer lines remain in good condition for their age and revealed no major defects in the pipes. A large amount of grit was removed from the Beach Force Main which has not been cleaned since 1999. Results of the inspection will be used to evaluate potential future uses of the Beach Force Main. This line could be rehabilitated in a future project to serve as a backup to the land based force main which would allow for inspections of that line and provide redundancy and improved system reliability.


Disinfection Analyzer Replacement Project

This $207,000 project was completed by Fort Bragg Electric, Inc. in December 2015. The project included remodeling of the District's analyzer and storage rooms for better accessibility and the replacement of disinfection analyzers which have reached the end of their useful life. Disinfection analyzers are used to ensure all wastewater leaving that treatment plant has been fully treated and remains in compliance with regulatory requirements. Maintaining accurate disinfection analyzers helps to protect public health and the bay.

Miscellaneous Upgrades Project and Collaboration with City and Tamalpais CSD.

This $300,000 project was completed by Mitchell Engineering, Inc. in 2015. The project included repairs to the treatment plant’s secondary sedimentation tanks, replacement of four force main air relief valves, installation of an emergency bypass connection at one District pump station, and structural foundation upgrades and painting of facility buildings. In addition, the District assisted partnering agencies with needed repairs including modifications to two City of Sausalito sewer pump stations and a pump replacement for the Tamalpais Community Services District. During construction the District procured an odor scrubber for the Locust Street sewer pump station which was installed by the Contractor along with the implementation of an ADA ramp for the City of Sausalito. The District was reimbursed for all costs associated with work for partnering agencies.

District Residence and Workspace Remodel Project.

This project included a complete remodel of the District’s existing residence to become the new District main office. Work included significant reinforcement of the building’s foundation including the addition of a number of piers and seismic restraints, modification of lighting for energy efficiency (Title 24 compliant), modification of water fixtures for conservation and conversion to an ADA compliant public building. The new office building will also include a public viewing deck overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Additional work includes minor remodeling of the existing office and operations buildings which were constructed in the 1980’s.


Main Street Pump Station Rehabilitation Project.

This $1.127 million project included extensive improvements to this critical pump station so that the placement of a portable pump at the station during the winter season will not be necessary. The portable pump increases reliability of the system, will help prevent sewer spills and complies with Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

The project included the replacement of two 250 horsepower wet weather sewage pumps. The existing pumps have reached their expected service life. The replacement pumps will be a more modern design that reduces clogging due to rags and debris. In addition, a new 185 HP standby submersible sewage pump will be installed in an existing wet well structure. The new 185 HP pump and the existing station 100 HP dry season pump provide required back-up pumping firm capacity should one of the two 250 HP pumps fail. Also the existing odor scrubber was replaced.

Plant Outfall Maintenance and Repair Project.

The project is complete. In September of 2013, The District Board of Directors awarded the construction contract for $93,410. This $93,410 project involved work on the District’s 300 foot deep water outfall pipeline that carries treated wastewater to the Bay. The work included replacement of 30 diffusers, repairs to the outfall pipeline anchoring system, and repair of the pipeline segment steel flange.


Pump Station Reliability Improvements Project.

This $424,000 project implemented portable pumping bypass connections at multiple District operated pumping stations to improve reliability of the system. In addition, new gate valves were added at the District’s rock catcher structure to improve maintenance and cleaning.


Locust Street Sewer Pump Station Improvement Project.

Construction of the new Locust Street Sewer Pump Station is complete. The construction contract award was for $1,373,373. Included was the CIPP lining of about 900 linear feet of 24-inch gravity interceptor piping immediately upstream of the Locust Street pump station. The District has obtained $2.2 million in financing through the State Water Resources Control Board Revolving Loan program to partially cover the project study, design and construction costs.


Marin City Collection System Repair.

This project was completed in 2012 at a cost of $1.4 million. It included the rehabilitation of over 2 miles of sewer mains, primarily within Marin City. Work included a variety of techniques chosen to lower costs and reduce the need to trench in streets where possible including pipe bursting and lining of the pipes. Low pricing for this work allowed additional pipe to be rehabilitated within budget to further postpone planned mobilization in environmentally sensitive easement areas.

Primary Effluent Box, Supernatant Box and Fixed Film Reactor Pipe Gallery Repair and Rehabilitation Project.

The construction contract in the amount of $1.2 million. The first phase included the installation of a primary effluent temporary pumping system and replacement of several fixed film reactor system pump valves. As part of the project, District staff rebuilt the three fixed film reactor pumps to improve pumping capacity and efficiency. The second phase is a longer duration project that includes: rehabilitation of the primary effluent and recycle diversion structures, several sluice and knife gate replacements, rehabilitation or replacement of several sections of corroded pipe and digester gas collection piping modifications.


The Sodium Bisulfite Building.

The Sodium Bisulfite Building has been completed and is in service. The project modernized and expanded chemical storage at the plant.


Office Foundation Improvement Project.

The foundation of the forty year old building was strengthened to comply with current seismic code requirements.

Sludge Dewatering Improvement Project.

The project consisted of the replacement of an 18 year old belt filter press with a screw press, replacement of old chemical lines, and installation of new sodium hypochlorite day tank and polymer system.


Chemical Storage Building Improvements.

The project expanded and upgraded sodium hypochlorite and ferric chloride chemical storage facilities and installed a new fire detection and alarm system.


Fixed Film Reactor Hydraulic Distributor Replacement.

The new motorized distributors provide improved control of the plants biological treatment process.

Treatment Plant Odor Control Project.

The project consisted of the installation of covers, ducting, a fan and four biotower reactors to collect foul air from plant processes and remove odorous compounds from the foul air stream. The facility was placed in service in 2007

Digester Mixing System and Sludge Handling Improvements.

The project has improved the performance of the digester and improved the plant's compliance with its total suspend solids permit limits.


Treatment Plant Vehicle Access Causeway Repair.

The $760,000 repair project rehabilitated the corroded concrete causeway, which has been exposed to salt water for 20 years.


Electrical Equipment Upgrades.

Electrical equipment upgrades were made in the older portions of the treatment plant.


Computerized Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition System.

The Computerized Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition System was installed and is continuing to be expanded.


Rehabilitation of Main Pump Station.

The Main Street Pump Station was rehabilitated and a new 20-inch force main was constructed from Main Street to the treatment plant. This allowed an aged force main located in the shoreline of Richardson Bay to be abandoned.