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Sausalito Marin City Sanitary District

Providing Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Safe Disposal to Protect Our Community’s Health and the Bay

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Capital Improvement Projects

Projects that are under construction or in final design

During the next five years, the District will carry out over $30 million in critically needed improvements to our community’s sewer pipelines, pumps, manholes and treatment facilities. The goal: to upgrade the sanitary systems so that it will continue to reliably protect public health and the environment, while achieving regulatory requirements.

Below are links with updates on current construction projects.

Treatment and Wet Weather Flow Upgrade Project Updates

Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District (SMCSD) has begun construction of this major upgrade project to improve capacity and reliability of the wastewater treatment plant to ensure that the District can continue to protect public health, the environment, and the Bay – especially during heavy rainfall. In addition, the project will improve the quality of water discharged into San Francisco Bay.

Location. The construction is underway just South of the City of Sausalito in Fort Baker National Park at the District’s treatment plant. Due to limited space at the work site and to maintain safe access to Fort Baker, the contractor's office and staging yard is located in the City of Sausalito at Locust Street and Bridgeway Blvd. (see photos below).

Project Duration. Construction at the treatment plant began on June 12, 2017 and is expected to be completed by the Spring of 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our website at or call 415-332-0244. We are here to help.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during construction of this critical project that will serve our community for many decades.

View Time Lapse Video of Treatment and Wet Weather Flow Upgrade Project Updates Here
Treatment Plant Recent Aerial Video Survey
Update #1: Caution: Increased Truck Volume.

July 7, 2017

Caution, Increased Volume of Trucks. Construction will require an increased volume of work trucks and heavy equipment in the proximity of the treatment plant as well as between the plant and the staging yard. Please use caution when traveling past these areas and watch for signs and flaggers. Safety on the job is our highest priority. The SMCSD thanks you for your patience and understanding during the construction period.

The project’s general contractor is Flatiron West, Inc., a large-scale civil contractor who was pre-qualified to bid on the project based on its high level of experience and excellent safety record.

Secondary Sediment Tanks Rehabilitation Project

The District awarded a contract to Nute Engineering in January, 2016, for $52,408 to complete project plans and specifications for bidding the project. The secondary sediment tanks provide secondary treatment of waste water to reduce solids. There are two 80 foot long and 20 foot wide tanks which allow flows to slow so that solids can settle out. These solids are captured and removed by a collector system which was constructed in 1986. This system has reached the end of its useful life and has been problematic for maintenance and reliability. The new collector system will include upgraded technology and materials to ensure reliable operation of this critical treatment process. Construction will take place in the summer of 2016.

Highway Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

The pre-design of Highway Booster Pump Station has been completed. The District awarded a contract to Carollo Engineers in November, 2015, for $192,406 to complete project plans and specifications for bidding the project. Highway Booster pump station was originally constructed in 1952 to pump sewage from portions of Shoreline Highway and Marin City. This station requires rehabilitation to ensure reliability and to eliminate the infiltration of ground water into aging underground structures. In addition, the new station will improve safety and reduce maintenance costs through the elimination of confined space entry currently required to maintain equipment. Construction will take place in the summer of 2016.