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Odor Control Status

Extensive Odor Control Program

Improving odor control at the treatment plant and collection system is an on-going process. Treatment technology has been installed at the treatment plant and in the collection system to reduce the formation and emission of odors from District wastewater systems. The system was designed by a nationally recognized expert in odor control to provide the most cost-effective and reliable methods for removing odors from various sources throughout the plant and collection system.

Sophisticated Monitoring

The District uses sophisticated odor monitoring equipment which can measure as little as one part per billion to determine the effectiveness of our odor control efforts and to make process changes when odors are detected.

Treatment Plant Bio-Scrubbers

In 2007 The District designed and built a $1.6 million bio-tower odor control project that collects odors from various parts of the treatment plant, and transfers them to a biological process where they are trapped and removed using bio-scrubbers.

Collection System Odor Reduction

The District operates a chemical feed system located at the Marin City Sewer Pump Station. The chemical is long lasting, contains no hazardous substances, and is formulated to prevent odor producing bacteria from forming. The District regularly cleans and flushes the sewer collection system and pump stations. Finally, District staff seal selected sewer manholes in the collection system to keep odors from escaping.

2013 Odor Control Update

Collection System Improvements

This District has an existing odor control system at the end of the sewer collection system at the Marin City Sewer pump station. The system injects Bioxide into the wastewater that inhibits the production of odor producing gases. This system treats the wastewater as it flows to the treatment plant.

The District is designing and will be installing a new supplemental odor control system at the Gate 5 sewer pump station. The Gate 5 location is approximately one-half of the way to the treatment plant and will help eliminate possible odors as the wastewater flows through the downtown area to the treatment plant. This supplemental system will mostly be used in the summer months when the warmth causes the greatest odor potential.

The new odor control measures reported in the 2012 update that have been installed at the new Locust Street pump station appear to be working. Staff is taking both air and water samples to check for odor producing gases. Levels have been below thresholds that would cause noticeable odors.

2012 Odor Control Update

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Status of Odor Reduction Plan for Locust Street Sewer Pump Station

A new pumping station located at Bridgeway and Locust Street was put in operation in August of 2012. Since the new station started, at times there have been noticeable odors. The District evaluated possible sources and found that the surface hatch located in the sidewalk next to the Station building can emit odors. This situation can be worse during hot weather conditions.

District staff has installed a temporary seal on the hatch and is installing a vent and air scrubber to reduce odors. In addition, the collection chemical odor reduction system has been increased to provide additional treatment. These measures should effectively curtail the odors. In the meantime, District staff is researching the design and cost for an air and water tight replacement hatch. In addition, the District is checking on a possible location for a second chemical dosing station to enhance odor reduction treatment.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The District is currently in the process of designing additional improvements to the treatment plant that will add a new preliminary treatment system, primary clarifier and equalization storage and expands the ability to pump into the fixed film reactor, as well as the replacement of sand filters to increase capacity.

As part of the project, additional odor control measures will be installed to augment the improvements made at the treatment plant in 2007. These include covering the two fixed film reactor units and new primary tank and treating the air through the plant bio-scrubbers. Also the new preliminary treatment system will have odor controls systems installed.

International Specialty Conference 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008, 01:09 PM

Case Study [PDF, 500k]

The paper was presented at the International Specialty Conference, ODORS AND AIR EMISSIONS 2008, sponsored by the Water Environment Federation and the Air & Waste Management Association. The conference was held April 6-9, 2008 in Phoenix Arizona.

Odor Control and Construction Updates

Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 04:57 PM

The odor control system is running well. Any odors should be reported to the District staff for investigation and correction.

Bob Simmons
General Manager

September 13, 2007 Update

Thursday, September 13, 2007, 11:56 AM

The primary digester went through final inspection and was brought online August 23rd. As of today, the primary digester is half full. Bringing this digester back online has contributed to the reduction in odors. This combined with continued strong performance from the Bioway odor control system has resulted in our lowest odor levels this year.

July 20, 2007 Update

Friday, July 20, 2007, 03:58 PM

The District designed and recently built a $1.6 million odor control project. We have experienced a significant reduction in odors following startup of the odor control systems. In the next several months, when our large digester goes back on line, we should experience further reductions in odors.