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Rates and Fees

Proposed Changes in Annual Sewer Service Rates


Our Priority is Protecting Public Health and the Bay

Protecting Our Community’s Health and Safety. Ensuring pipes, pipes, backup generators and the treatment plant are well maintained is critical to protecting public health.

Keeping the Bay Clean. With the continued effects of climate change and pollution of our oceans, we all have a responsibility to do our part to keep the Bay clean by preventing hazardous raw sewage spills. Responsible maintenance of the local sewer system protects our waterways, beaches and the Bay.

Proposed New Rates and Charges

Residential Bills. For residential customers (single family, multi-family and floating homes), the rate shown below is charged on a per unit (EDU) basis.

Non-Residential (Commercial) Bills. The non-residential rate per EDU is the same as single family, but each non-residential customer has its own bill based on its own estimated strength and flow (see the formula on the previous page). The minimum non-residential charge is one EDU.

Sewer Service Charge. The Sewer Service Charge rate structure was adjusted so that the proportion of charges paid by each customer class (single-family, floating homes, and multi-family) reflects the results of flow studies that were recently recalculated.

Collection System Supplemental Charge (Unincorporated Areas). The Supplemental Charge funds the cost of pipeline collection system operations, maintenance and upgrades in unincorporated service areas, floating homes, and Marin-City. The existing sewer collection charge of $78 per EDU per year does not cover the cost of service. It was adjusted to cover actual costs of service and to ensure that the proportion of charges proposed to be paid by each customer class reflects the results of flow studies that were recently recalculated.

Total Annual Sewer Service Charges

The tables below show proposed new annual charges for customers in both the incorporated and unincorporated areas.

For non-residential (commercial customers), the rates below are per equivalent Dwelling unit (EDU), and are used in the rate calculation shown on page 2.

  Current Rate $/EDU FY 2019-20 $/EDU FY 2020-21 $/EDU FY 2021-22 $/EDU FY 2022-23 $/EDU FY 2023-24 $/EDU
Incorporated Area (City of Sausalito) for conveyance and treatment only. An additional rate for sewer collection is charged by the City of Sausalito. For example, 2019-2020 single family = $866 + City (TBD)
Single family$866$866$906$942$970$999
Marin City, Floating Homes and Other Unincorporated Areas Conveyance, Treatment and Collection System Supplemental Charge. For example, 2019-20 single family = $866 + $192 (per table at bottom of page) = $1,058
Single Family$944$1,058$1,103$1,162$1,261$1,386
Floating Home$737$803$831$875$949$1,043

Proposed Annual Collection System Supplemental Charge for Unincorporated Areas

The charges shown below for sewer collection services have been added into the Total Sewer Service Charges for Marin City, floating homes and other unincorporated areas are shown above.

Customers within the City of Sausalito pay a similar charge to the City for sewer collection services.

  Current Rate per EDU FY 2019-20 per EDU FY 2020-21 per EDU FY 2021-22 per EDU FY 2022-23 per EDU FY 2023-24 per EDU
Single family$78$192$198$220$291$387
Floating Homes$78$144$148$165$218$290

Rate Change Documents

How to Protest the Proposed Increase

Any affected property owner or tenant may submit a written protest to the proposed increases to the sewer service charges and supplemental charges. Each protest must be in writing; state that the identified property owner or tenant opposes the proposed changes; identify the parcel for which the protest is made (by assessor’s parcel number or street address); and include the signa¬ture of the property owner or tenant. Email, fax and photocopied protests cannot be accepted by law.

Only one protest will be counted per parcel. Written protests may be submitted by mail to SMCSD at 1 East Road, Sausalito, CA 94965. Or they can be hand deliv¬ered before or at the public hearing, which will be held on Monday, July 8, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the Sausalito City Council Chambers, 420 Litho St., Sausalito, CA 94965. To be counted, ballots must be received before the hearing ends.

If a majority of property owners submits protests, the Board cannot adopt the proposed rates.

Public Hearing

The public hearing at which the Board of Directors will consider and decide upon the proposed sewer service charge increase is scheduled to occur on Monday, July 8 at 6:00 p.m. at the Sausalito City Council Chambers, 420 Litho Street, Sausalito, California 94965

District and City Collaborate on Sewer Service

WITHIN CITY BOUNDARIES. The City of Sausalito is responsible for properly collecting and containing raw sewage within Sausalito. Sausalito–Marin City Sanitary District is responsible for safely and properly transporting and treating raw sewage from the City in large pipelines to the treatment plant.

WITHIN MARIN CITY, FLOATING HOMES AND OTHER UNINCORPORATED AREAS. Sausalito–Marin City Sanitary District provides all sewer related services for unincorporated areas within the District’s service area.

For more information about how the City and Sanitary District work together, read: Keep Our Community Health and Our Bay Clean.

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Questions or Comments About City Sewer Service or Rates?

The City is raising its charges for sewer collection services. If you have questions or comments about the proposed sewer rate increase, please:

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