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Rates and Fees

Residential Fees

Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District Approves New Method for Sewer Charges

Following two years of detailed financial and engineering studies, and after ten public meetings to review progress, Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary approved a new five-year sewer rate plan on July 7, 2014. New rates, if approved, are effective July 1, each year. The bill for most customers will appear on the annual property tax bill due each December.

The District put a high value on public input and worked with interested members of the public for two full years. Extensive customer input helped the District create rates that are both fair and stable so the District can continue to protect public health and the environment through high quality sanitary services.

2018-2019 Rates Effective July 1, 2018


The sewer service charge bill for most customers will appear on the annual property tax due each December.

In unincorporated areas an additional Supplemental Charge is included in the amount shown below (click for details)

Single-family in incorporated area. 2018-2019 is $866

Single-family in unincorporated area. 2018-2019 is $944


Multi-family in incorporated area. 2018-2019 is $771

Multi-family in unincorporated area. 2018-2019 is $866


Floating homes in unincorporated area. All floating homes are in the unincorporated area, so the charge per year, includes the supplemental charge. 2018-2019 is $736

Background on the Rates:

The final, approved rates and charges result from three types of changes.

First, The District determined the amount of wastewater flow from different customer classes (single-family, multi-family, and floating home). The rate structure was changed to reflect those differences in flow. The result is that residential charges will more accurately reflect actual use of the wastewater system; customer classes that generate less wastewater will have lower bills.

Second, a small revenue increase was made. The District is in the process of investing $46 million to improve and upgrade its aging wastewater treatment plant and collection system to address mandatory regulations. The good news is that because of effective financial planning, increases of only 2% are needed each year over the next five years to support the program.

Third, the District approved an increase in the collection system supplemental charge for its unincorporated area customers, including Marin City. The supplemental charge pays for the cost of collection system operation, maintenance and upgrades. The District approved annual charge adjustments to be phased in over the next five years from $61 to $78 per dwelling unit. This phased approach will help spread out the costs to District customers. This collection charge is not applicable to residents within the City limits of Sausalito.

The charge in incorporated areas includes the Supplemental Charge (click for details)

Cost Cutting To Hold Down Rates

Before raising sewer rates, the District’s Board of Directors sought out opportunities to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Keeping costs down is an ongoing priority,” stated Craig Justice, the District’s General Manager. For example, the District: completed major projects on schedule and below estimated costs; decreased employee pension and retirement cost; outsourced selected activities to less expensive private contractors; increased cross-training of employees for improved efficiency; and implemented many other cost-saving steps.

Five Year Rate Summary

Below are the approved rates for the fiscal years through 2018-2019. Each year the rates will be reviewed and rates no higher than the following may be adopted for the coming year. New rates, if approved, are effective July 1 each year. The bill for most customers will appear on the annual property tax bill due each December.

Year 3
Year 4
Current Year 5
Single Family Incorporated $833 $850 $866
Single-Family Unincorporated $904 $926 $944
Multi Family Incorporated $741 $756 $771
Multi-Family Unincorporated $812 $832 $849
Floating Homes Unincorporated $705 $722 $736
Non-Residential Incorporated $833 $850 $866
Non-Residential Unincorporated $904 $926 $944